INTEC's Truss Tamer enables the builder to remove much of the risk found in installation of roof trusses. INTEC's Truss Tamer is available for wood truss and steel truss erection. A free video is available to qualified members of the construction industry.

Erecting Roof Trusses the Right Way

Now a "Down to Earth Alternative" to walking the ridge is available to reduce both cost and risk for carpenters, roof truss installers and contractors . Dubbed the Truss Tamer System(c) by its maker, INTEC, the system allows trusses to be erected, spaced, and stabilized from the deck. Gone is the need to climb around on an unstable unfinished roof structure.

Cost is reduced by not wasting the time and material associated with conventional temporary bracing. The reusable system replaces this.

Save by reducing the experience requirement for this aspect of the job. Why are you subjecting your best people, or yourself, to the most risk?

If your company has a safety plan in place, using the system eliminates a glaring hazard.

A Free video tape demonstrating the Truss Tamer System in use is available to qualified members of the building trades and those directly associated with the construction industry. 

If you qualify, please down load our form by clicking here , fill it out and fax it to:

410 795 5402

Or mail it to:
PO Box 249
Sykesville, MD, USA 21784
Send Intec E-Mail

Those who are not directly involved with trusses but who would like information and a copy of the tape are referred to Quality Film and Video's Demo Tapes Pages.

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