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Administering Insulin to your Pet


[Dog's head]

Instructional Video
This 12 minute video was produced to aid and instruct those people who suddenly find themselves needing to inject their dog or cat with insulin, because the pet has developed diabetes. The producer of this video found himself in exactly that position and experienced tremendous uncertainties the first few times he had to load the syringe and actually make the injections.

The video explains the procedure in a step by step manner and will lend reassurance to the viewer. The visual demonstration of the procedures answers many of the questions that arise.

This video is recommended for veterinarians to keep on hand as a 'loaner' video for their clientele, as well as being an instructional tape for the owner of a diabetic pet which requires insulin injections to live.

This useful instructional video takes you step by step through the actions needed to give an insulin injection to your dog.

Play time: 12 minutes
Price: $29.95
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