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Motion Picture & Video



Cannonscopic1.jpg (454696 bytes)     Cannonscopic.jpg (457331 bytes)   Cannonb.jpg (474076 bytes)

16mm Canon Scopic with 

12.5 to 75mm Zoom Lens w/macro focus

S-12  2 Battery Charger, miscellaneous  filters and carrying case



Bolex w12120.jpg (476008 bytes)             Bolex400.jpg (423870 bytes)          Bolex400a.jpg (411714 bytes)

16mm Bolex Rex 5 

with 4 400 ft magazines



16mm CP16R with 12-120 Angenniux, Power Supply

4 400ft. Split Magazines and Anvil Carrying Case



Bolex2.jpg (503996 bytes)         Bolex cu.jpg (643770 bytes)       Bolex2a.jpg (479127 bytes)

16mm Bolex H-16 Reflex

with 400 ft Magazine Capability

Vario-Switar 1:2,5  f=18/86mm OE H 16RX Lens w/Built in Light Meter

and Carrying Case


Bolexbody.jpg (477419 bytes)            Bolexbody2.jpg (420821 bytes)

16mm Bolex H-16 Reflex Camera Body Only




16mm Bell & Howell Model C Printer

Color additive Contact Printer

Complete with Standard Speed Reader and Tape Punch





16mm / 35mm Lipsner-Smith

Ultrasonic Film Cleaning Machine



2gang.jpg (477830 bytes)

Neumade 2 Gang Synchronizer Model HM-5

Film Measuring Machine



4gang.jpg (431165 bytes)           4gangb.jpg (442950 bytes)

Moviola Model SZD 4 Gang Synchronizer



If you are interested in any of the above equipment, please call for additional information


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