Quality Film and Video presents an on-line catalogue of specialty, general audience, video tapes. These include instructional and informative videos, some are free videos, others are videos for sale.

reels.gif We can produce Videos for you!
We can help YOU Produce Videos!

Our services include:

Location Shooting  |  Post Production Service
Video Tape Duplication  [Video Copies] |  US to Foreign Tape Standards Conversions
Blank Video Tape for sale (Call)  |  Equipment Rentals (Call)

Location shooting

Camera equipment and 2 man crew (includes camera, lights, monitors, microphones, tripods,etc)
$650.00/day .......$525.00 1/2 day
Director (additional) $250.00

Additional cameras and operators available at 75% of first camera rate.

Location Shooting | Post Production Service | European Standards Conversions | Video Copies

Post Production Service

Editing Suites

Super VHS Panasonic 7500 Professional Series with AMIGA computer Graphics and MX-12 switchers A&B Roll. 3 normal suites are available. There is also an AMIGA TOASTER 4000 suite available.
$35.00 per hr Do-it-yourself    $50.00 per hour With Operator

AMIGA TOASTER VIDEO FLYER non-linear editing suite. $75.00 per hour With Operator
$60.00 Per Hour Editing On Own


Quality Film & Video
3321 Main Street, Suite B1
Manchester, Maryland 21102

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