Workplace Violence:

Prevention and Reaction Program

by Ed Piper, MA

It is not an understatement to say that today, one can not have too much ammunition to fight the ever-escalating battle against violence in the workplace! The Center for Disease Control has assessed workplace violence at an epidemic level and it is so common as to be relegated to 4th page coverage in newspapers.

If that sounds like war,   IT IS!
You owe it to your employees...

You owe it to your customers...

You owe it to yourself...

To maintain a safe and secure workplace.
Their lives and your life may depend on it.

This video will help you in that respect.
Unlike many videos on the subject; this video is NOT a presentation of role playing scenarios trying to set out situations, none of which match your workplace conditions. In contrast this video takes a serious look at the problem of workplace violence and shows you how to set up a Work Place Violence Prevention and Reaction Program.

This is a video of the information available in the seminars Ed Piper conducts throughout the country.

Now for the first time, Ed has agreed to release his program on video tape, so that the many that could not attend his seminars, will be able to benefit from it. He has done this because the incidents of workplace violence has reached epidemic proportions! The demand for Ed's seminars has become so great, that they just cannot be met; therefore he offers this videotape as the next best thing. Likewise there is a huge demand by school administrators for help in dealing with the terrible outbreak of violence in our school systems.

Ed holds a Masters degree in Applied Behavioral Science from the Johns Hopkins University. He has served as a consultant to the Federal Government, Fortune 500 Companies and the State of Maryland on workplace violence and public safety issues.

Ed has served with the Baltimore City Police Dept. Military Police and the Naval Investigative Service. He has investigated and experienced first hand many incidents of workplace violence. Ed recently received the Maryland Governor's Award for Crime Prevention. Now you have the opportunity to tap into this wealth of knowledge and learn how to set up your own company's program to deal with this ever-increasing threat.

This tape is made available through a cooperative agreement with Quality Film Labs, Inc. In addition production is underway on another videotape addressing the school violence issue head on. Quality Film Labs, trading as Quality Film & Video, has been in business for over 40 years and has earned a reputation for extreme honesty and dependablity. Quality Film Labs is held in high regard throuout the industry. Couple the Quality Film Lab background with Ed Piper's over 20 years of experience in public safety, security, training and management, and you have a powerful team.

Don't fall into that o-so-easy trap of thinking "it can't happen here", and do nothing. You must prepare now! And this videotape will show you how to do just that. Remember "If you fail to plan, then you're planning to fail."

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