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What does a man in Mississippi and a woman in Connecticut have in common?

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Quality Film & Video

Has been in business for over 40 years!

That's a long time, no matter how you cut it.


Forty years ago no one knew what video tape was.  Sure, there were some early attempts to record TV shows on magnetic tape, but the only sure fire way to record a TV show was on film.  This was known as a "Kinescope".


TV stations used movie film projectors and tele-cine devices of "film-chains" to enable them to broadcast 16mm movies.

Motion Picture Film was KING and  Quality Film & Video,  known in those days as Quality Film Labs, Inc. was right in the thick of it. . ., processing the daily "News" footage for local channel 13 WJZ-TV as well as all of the 16mm film shot by every motion picture film production company in the city.


With all this history available, we thought we would share some of it with you on the web.     Periodically we will be publishing excerpts from a new book being written by Pete Garey the President of Quality Film & Video. 

This book is a compilation of humorous stories along with some behind the scenes insight into the technical side of motion picture film processing and printing.

The title to his book is

"Forty Some Odd Years Ago"

Click here to read excerpts  Book Chapter 1

Book Chapter 2

Book Chapter 3

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